Mayflower Team | Sunday, February 12, 2017


Pronunciation People

With all-about-love week round the corner, we would like to recommend some last-minute resources that can be used with students at different proficiency levels, both at school or for individual study at home. All suggestions and activities have been tested and approved by our students so we hope you will enjoy using them, too.

♥A1-A2 level
With elementary level students, try our “Literary Lovers” (Quizlet, Quizizz1 or pdf): a memo game in which students match the names of famous lovers from English and American literature; and “Perfect Pairs” (Quizlet, Quizizz2 or pdf): a collocations worksheet with a study sheet, multiple matching and crossword exercises.

♥B1-B2 level
If you are looking for authentic but not necessarily extremely difficult reading resources, consider the following articles: “Why we love talking about ourselves?” by Dr. Samantha Boardman, a psychiatrist and Positive Psychiatry practitioner; and “The 10 best love paintings” by Laura Cumming from the Guardian. The first one can be a graet lead-in for long and interesting discussions. The latter is an almost ready-made matching activity: print it, cut out slips with paintings, artists’ names, titles and descriptions and enjoy your free time.

♥C1-C2 level
Advanced and adult learners may enjoy and appreciate a more philosophical approach to the subject of love. Try one of the short animations from TED or the School of Life. Our favourite ones are “Why do we love? A philosophical inquiry” (this one comes with a set of online exercises) and “Why Love and Teaching Belong Together?”.

1 You will need this code: 142629.
2 You will need this code: 619752.